Web marketing for small businesses

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If you run a small business, staying up-to-date with the latest trends on web marketing can seem daunting—if not downright impossible.

Recently I checked out the websites of two leading magazines targeted at small businesses, Inc. and Entrepreneur. Both have great content on web marketing.

(To find relevant articles, just type “web,” “web content,” “web marketing” or a similar phrase into each website’s search box.)

  • If you’ve got basic questions on developing, launching, or marketing a website, Inc.’s How to Start a Website feature is a great introduction. See the section on marketing for tips on using social media, email, and SEO to promote your site.
  • Entrepreneur has tons of good content, including an excellent section on SEO. Check out “10 Ways to Write Content that Ranks High on Google.” This up-to-date article includes a useful and colorful infographic called “SEO Copywriting: 10 tips for writing content that ranks in 2013.”

In my last post on information overload, I featured the book Content Critical: Gaining Competitive Advantage Through High-Quality Web Content, an older but still important book by Gerry McGovern and Rob Norton. The authors believe that in an information-overloaded world, quality written content is more important than ever, and that the quality of web content is just as critical as that of print.

Since Inc. and Entrepreneur both started as print magazines (Inc. in 1979 and Entrepreneur in 1973), they know something about quality content. So have a look at their websites when you have a moment.

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