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Scan the index of any good book on web writing and chances are you’ll find an entry for Jakob Nielsen, world-renowned expert on web usability. So it’s no surprise that Nielsen’s company, the Nielsen Norman Group, has a great website with lots of good content.

The website models usability (again, not surprising), with an understated masthead and three key resources—Reports, Training, and Consulting—displayed prominently. (The company is known for its expertise on eyetracking, the science of how people read on the Web.)

Three things I love about this site:

  • The Reports page, with links to reports on everything from content strategy to e-commerce to information architecture. While most reports are for sale, some are free.
  • The Articles page, with free articles on a variety of current web topics. You can also get articles delivered directly to your inbox by signing up for Nielsen’s Alertbox newsletter.
  • The Books page, featuring books by the principals on everything from mobile usability to user interface design. The list includes a 1969 book by Don Norman called Memory and Attention: An Introduction to Human Information Processing that’s been translated into five languages.

Sometimes just reading a good website is an education in itself. The Nielsen Norman Group website is a perfect example.

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